At times, when your personal folder file (PST) refuse to open up, then the user often takes the help of Microsoft’s inbuilt tool – Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) to get it scanned and resolved. What if, when scanpst.exe utility may not report any error. Well, this is what happens with the read more...

PST file corruption is simply related to crippling effects of header files, sudden system shutdown, virus attacks and other hardware anomalies. The ultimate result of PST file corruption is inaccessibility of PST file content. Due to such inaccessibility of PST files, it becomes inconvenient for read more...

Microsoft Outlook is the most viable solution for user communication needs, although, situation can turn out troublesome when Outlook PST face damage issues. A PST (Personal Storage Table) file is a repository of entire user data; this includes emails, contacts, notes, calender etc. Any sort of issues in Outlook PST can make entire data inaccessible for users and does not allow them to perform any Outlook function. read more

Consider you are working in Outlook 2002 and when you try to open the PST file, you are unable to do so and receive the below-mentioned error message: Unable to expand the folder. The set of folders could not be opened. Errors could have been detected in the file drive:\Documents and read more...

MS Outlook is the most admired email client but studies also show that many users who have regularly used this application got encountered with damage or corrupt outlook files. It is because of this reason; many experts also suggest taking great care so that one doesn’t loss these pst files as any such incident makes it difficult to repair them. You can’t ignore the fact that these PST files are one of those files that require a lot of work to repair them effectively. read more

For MS Outlook users, facing issues due to corruption of PST file is now very common. If you are feeling worried due to Outlook PST corruption or inaccessibility issues then you are not a single one. But, most of the users try free or ordinary tools read more

Windows Email is the email client for Windows Vista. It is actually a replacement for MS Outlook Express but it is not a component of Internet Explorer. The application lets you use Microsoft Outlook emails once you import the related PST in it. In order to do this, Windows Mail requires a healthy PST that is free from any kind of error messages. Windows mail cannot import PST which is corrupt or unreadable. In order to import the file, you first need to repair the file, which can be easily done using Outlook Inbox Repair Tool or any third party fix PST file software tool. read more

Working with MS Outlook means, you need to get ready for resolving errors that mainly occur due to diverse problems in the PST file. Once the PST is damaged, Outlook cannot load your important emails, contact, notes, etc. stored in the PST to your mailbox. When you start MS Outlook then instead of displaying your mailbox folder, Outlook generates errors. The error you might experience, might be one of the following: read more

Whenever you write an email to your colleague, relatives, or friends, you definitely check the message for finding spelling mistakes, if any. Writing a professional email message without any spelling mistakes shows professionalism and makes a great impact on your colleagues. read more

An Outlook user may need to copy Outlook.pst file from one location to another in order to access the emails, notes, etc. stored in the PST file from another location. Consider a scenario depicting the need for copying the PST file from one location to another. You purchased a new computer and configured Outlook in it. Now, you want to access all your old emails including attachments, images, notes, etc. with the new profile created on your new computer. To do that you copy the PST file from old computer to paste into the new computer. However, when you are copying the PST file from old computer, you get the following error message: read more